Gangster Squad

Warner Bros. Pictures

Should the cops on the trail of the bad guys be so criminally good-looking?

Well, such is the case in Gangster Squad, the based-on-a-true-story period flick starring Ryan Gosling, Josh BrolinMichael Peña and Anthony Mackie as members of an LAPD task force on the trail of crime boss Mickey Cohen, played by Sean Penn.

Then you've got Emma Stone, who starts out as Mickey's girl but probably isn't long for his side once she meets Gosling's "Well, you gotta die of somethin'" Sgt. Jerry Wooters.

Whatever your cup of tea, we've got an evidence room's worth of new photos from the Warner Bros. film, now due in theaters Jan. 11. And though the action, directed by Ruben Fleischer, promises to be about as brutal as it gets, all of these pics are as glossy as the golden age of Hollywood.

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