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    What You Missed on Love You, Mean It—Will Ferrell's Mustache and What's Ruining Homeland

    Needless to say, last night's episode of Love You, Mean It with Whitney Cummings was epic, and not just because Will Ferrell's mustache stole the spotlight.

    For starters, we learned a whole lot about Will and his Green Bay Packers fandom—including what kinds of football superstitions he has. (Hint: His answer involves calling Whitney a, "crazy person.")

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    Love You, Mean It Memes

    It wasn't just Will's guest appearance that made our night, though, because we also got to watch one of our favorite segments: Insta-grammar. This time around, Whitney looked at the Instagrams of Maria Menounos, Brody Jenner and Wilmer Valderrama. (Word to the wise: Don't let Wilmer anywhere near your solo cups.)

    Then it was time for Playback, where we got to watch funny clips while Whitney and her hilarious gaggle of friends—including Nick Kroll, Chelsea Peretti and Dan Levy—gave us the low down.

    Love You, Mean It Memes

    And to top it all off, we got to watch Whitney say, "Unsubscribe!" to things that have to just stop. Like thunder—seriously, stop, we're trying to watch Homeland—and girls posing with fake finger mustaches. Whitney's right, it won't be so cute when you're old enough to grow a real one!

    For more of all things Love You, Mean It, make sure to tune in next Wednesday to see what Whitney's going to say next at 10:30/9:30c only on E!

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