Beauty and the Beast

The CW

Talk about a fairy-tale moment!

The CW's breakout hit series Beauty and the Beast isn't messing around in its midseason finale "Bridesmaid Up" tomorrow night, bringing its two leads Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan), aka Beauty and the Beast, together at her father's wedding for a pretty epic moment that will have fans of the couple giggling in delight.

Living up to its title, the gorgeous duo shares a tender fairytale-esque dance at the event and we've got an exclusive sneak peek of Cat and Vincent in action on the dance floor!

Prior to the big day, everyone is trying to make sure Cat has a date to the wedding. Of course, she's uncomfortable being set up and tells Vincent she wishes he could be her date. Cue Vincent, looking dashing in a tux, showing up and asking Cat to dance him. Yes, it's perfect and we definitely swooned! (A+ song choice, by the way!)

But will their sweet moment be cut short when Cat learns about a research grant that Evan (Max Brown) received to study mutant DNA cells? When Vincent learns Evan's theory of how the cells are changing to become more animal-like (and less human), he and Cat face a detour that could change the course of their relationship forever.

Beauty and the Beast airs Thursday at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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