Amanda Seyfried

Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

Amanda Seyfried is one lucky gal!

One day before her 27th birthday earlier this month, the actress was treated to a birthday cake lap dance by her hot and hunky pal Hugh Jackman at an NYC screening of their flick Les Misérables.

And it sounds like Seyfriend is still recovering from bumping and grinding with the 44-year-old Aussie actor.

"Everybody's been asking me about it but I don't really remember it because I was so embarrassed," Seyfried told E! at last night's premiere of Les Mis.

"I hadn't been drinking, sadly," she continued. "I was really embarrassed, but in a good way. [He's] amazing. I love him so much. He could do anything."

Seyfried got to relive the awkward moment afterward, adding, "I saw a video of it, though. It was a nice lap dance."

We bet it was!

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