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    Man of Steel: What We Learned From Henry Cavill's New Superman Trailer—Watch Now!

    Superman is faster than a speeding bullet and sexier than ever before!

    Man of Steel's full trailer was released Tuesday by Warner Bros Pictures, and Henry Cavill does not disappoint.

    Here's what we learned from the dramatic, emotionally charged two-and-a-half minute clip.

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    Man of Steel Warner Bros

    Clark Kent Is a Super Boy: Not a shocker, but the displaced alien boy growing up on earth is brave from the get-go. In the clip, he saves a classmate from a school bus accident, revealing his superhuman strength. His father later reprimands him for his heroism, reminding him, "You have to keep this side of yourself a secret." Even if, Pa Kent (Kevin Costner) says, that potentially means letting good people die.

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    Man of Steel Warner Bros

    Superman Scruff: Who knew this action hero was rocking some fierce facial hair before he slipped into that spandex suit—or that he could find a shaver strong enough to handle him? In any case, he loses the razor aversion before his full superhero transition, though we're really liking the Jon Hamm in-between-roles look.

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    Man of Steel Warner Bros

    Newsflash: Henry Cavill Is Really Hot: Like, this boy is on fire! In one sexy, shirtless scene, the 29-year-old British actor literally fights his way through burning flames. Rescue me!

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    Man of Steel Warner Bros

    Lois Lane Is a Looker, Too: We usually envision Clark Kent's love interest as a brassy brunette, but Amy Adams' strawberry-blond hair and gentle strength is working for us. Adams isn't featured all that much in the trailer, but the raw emotion and feeling shown in her eyes is enough to convince us she's perfect for the part.

    Superhero fashion police

    Man of Steel Warner Bros

    Man, He's Got Some Funky Shoes: No way we could walk a mile in those things. In a quick close-up of Superman's costume reveals his odd, Croc-like wedges that are attached to his rubbery-looking suit. We know this is a function over fashion thing, but those things aren't exactly GQ approved.

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    Man of Steel Warner Bros

    Still, He Is Superman!: A voiceover of Clark's dad telling him he has to "decide what kind of man you wanna grow up to be" plays as Superman walks towards rolling mountains, cape flying behind him. At the end of the trailer, he flies straight upward, ready and eager to save the world.

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    Man of Steel opens in theaters June 14, 2013.

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