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    Star Trek Into Darkness: First Benedict Cumberbatch's Villain, Now Alice Eve's Khan-Do Character Revealed

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    Alice Eve
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    Well. Well, well, well. What have we here?

    Any fanboy or girl worth their salt knows that J.J. Abrams isn't a man to be trusted, but the geeky overlord seems to be in a giving mood this week, first by allowing Paramount to sneakily (maybe) reveal the much-speculated-about and well-kept identity of Star Trek Into Darkness villain Benedict Cumberbatch (Jooohhhhnnnnn! Harrison. We think. Probably), only to now follow that bombshell up with the reveal of the character to be played by fellow Brit thesp Alice Eve.

    And yes, this reeks of Khan.

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    At a sneak preview for journalists of the nine-minute IMAX prologue to set to run before The Hobbit, Eve's character was revealed to be none other than Dr. Carol Marcus.

    Which may mean nothing to those not steeped in the canon of Trek, but to those who do, her character certainly lends credence to the notion that Cumberbatch's villain reveal may be a bit of a misdirect. Because Dr. Carol Marcus notably made her debut in the Star Trek universe in a little movie called The Wrath of Khan.

    See where we're going with this?

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    As for her character in Star Trek Into Darkness, not much is known about her doctor, aside from speculation that she may serve as a love interest to Chris Pine's Captain James T. Kirk, as she was in the movies of old (she was in fact baby mama to Kirk's son, David Marcus). She's also notable for having created something called the Genesis Device, which is used in canon to make uninhabitable planets suitable for human life. Whether that makes an appearance in the forthcoming movie will remain to be seen.

    Oh, J.J. You little scamp.

    Fans can view the nine-minute preview and make wild assumptions of their own this Friday, when the sneak peek is paired with IMAX engagements of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Star Trek Into Darkness will be released May 17, 2013.

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