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    Lone Ranger Trailer: 5 New Things We Learned About the Johnny Depp-Armie Hammer Western Adventure

    Saddle up for another Lone Ranger trailer!

    A new peek at the highly anticipated flick starring Armie Hammer in the titular role and Johnny Depp as Tonto has arrived, and this time around, we definitely get a bit more backstory on how the two main characters wound up teaming up together.

    Here are five things we learned from watching this latest preview:

    Armie Hammer on "magical" Johnny Depp bromance

    Lone Ranger Youtube

    1. The Morning After: A badly beaten Lone Ranger wakes up from a nightmare atop a treacherous wooden tower only to come across Tonto chatting it up with a white horse. "Why am I alive?" the Ranger asks.

    Lone Ranger Youtube

    2. Tonto Explains It All (Sorta): "Eight men rode into canyon," he tells a confused Lone Ranger. "I dug seven graves. Horse says you are a spirit walker. A man who has been to the other side and returned. A man who cannot be killed in battle. Something very wrong with that horse."

    Lone Ranger crew member dies in on-set drowning

    Lone Ranger Youtube

    3. The Mask! After the pair decide to ride together "for justice," Tonto suggests the Lone Ranger conceal his identity. "People think you are dead. Better to stay that way," he says.

    Lone Ranger Youtube

    4. Action Aplenty: From a train derailment to massive explosions, there's clearly no shortage of destruction coming our way. Ah, perfect summer fare.

    Lone Ranger Youtube

    5. One Close Call After Another: Our fearless heroes continually find themselves in danger, including nearly getting gouged by a large piece of metal from the aforementioned train derailment. Hey, it's not called the Wild West for nothing, right?

    The Lone Ranger is due in theaters July 3, 2013.

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