Rihanna, Twit Pic


Perhaps Rihanna should give Lindsay Lohan a crash course in Throwback Thursday photos?  

The Unapologetic singer went on a TBT Twitter spree today and posted a photo of herself at the age of 15 where—wait for it—she's fully clothed.

"#throwbackRiRi the day I met and sang for Evan Rogers of SRP after school," the superstar wrote, "my life has never been the same since I took this pic at 15." 

Ri-Ri, of course, is referring to her chance meeting with Evan Rogers of Syndicated Rhythm Productions back in 2004. The music mogul discovered the star and is ultimately responsible for launching her red-hot career.

The songbird posted a number of other pics in honor of the self-proclaimed #throwbackRiRi, creating a flashback Twitter feed of her successful years in the music biz.   

But despite tweeting the innocent shot (and a handful of other fully clothed pics), Ri-Ri eventually returned to her R-rated ways and posted a topless image (don't act too surprised). 

Hey, at least we know she's not lacking confidence. 

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