Rachel Zoe, Cameron Diaz

Donato Sardella/WireImage

If Cameron Diaz ever did decide to give stylist and star-in-her-own-right Rachel Zoe the boot, she'd obviously have quite the stiletto-heeled, designer arsenal to choose from.

Fortunately, and despite reports to the contrary, that doesn't seem to be the case.

While the New York Post reported today that the fashion-forward actress had parted ways with her longtime clothes collaborator and that she would no longer be styled by the budding entrepreneur, reality star and woman responsible for quite a few Best Dressed titles, a rep for the blond actress tells E! News that is not the case.

"Cameron works with various stylists, including Rachel, when she is promoting projects," Diaz's rep said. "While she does not use one stylist exclusively, Rachel is a close, longtime friend and valued collaborator and they will work together on future projects."

And breathe, everyone. Talk about a clothes call. We nearly had a fashion emergency on our hands.

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