Leighton Meester; Gossip Girl, Headbands

Giovanni Rufino/CW

Calling all Gossip Girl fans! If you're saddened that the series is coming to a close on Dec. 17, now's the time to get your hands on some authentic Blair Waldorf memorabilia.

Accessories designer Jennifer Behr is offering a limited-edition headband gift set featuring eight of the handmade designs worn by the Queen B. herself—for an Upper East Side sum of $4,000!  Shocking? Indeed.

But if you're willing to cough up that kind of cash for the lavish accessories, the covetable pieces including the memorable crystal-encrusted design passed onto underling Jenny Humphrey, as well as a charming Grecian knotted band and a neon orchid-pink lambskin style, can all be yours. 

"The gift set is our farewell tribute to Blair and her headbands. She took them to new heights during her Queen B. reign, so we thought it was only fitting to offer them all together one more time," Behr tells us. 

—Reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

Tell us what you think! Would you buy Blair Waldorf's headband set?

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