Well, it's day two of royal bumpwatch and Jason Kennedy, Melanie Bromley and Marc Malkin have all the latest developments for us!

First things first—is it true that even the queen didn't know about Kate's pregnancy?! Plus, if the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with twins, which one will inherit the throne? And what could they possibly be thinking of naming their royal bundle of joy? So many questions—watch the replay to get all the answers!

Also, if you didn't catch Sunday's Eagles vs. Cowboys game, you missed Bob Costas' antigun rant during the telecast. But was that the time or the place to discuss such an issue? In fact, in light of recent events, should the game have even been taking place at all? We read some of your tweets and Jason, Marc and Melanie give us their thoughts on this serious topic.

Finally, in lighter news, a 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll just named Seinfeld the "Best Sitcom Ever," but some seem to feel that the limited choices had the odds stacked in the show's favor. What show do you think should have won?  

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