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    Jessica Biel Talks "Husband" Justin Timberlake, Married Life With Ellen DeGeneres

    Being married to Justin Timberlake means a lot of special things to Jessica Biel.

    Such as? Well, for starters, finally having someone handy to change your light bulbs and put away those dishes!

    The blooming newlywed swung by Ellen DeGeneres' show for an episode airing Monday, and she jokingly shot the breeze with the host about the many perks of domestic bliss.

    Yikes! Jessica Biel decapitated her dolls as a kid...and still keeps those heads!

    "It just feels incredible," the 30-year-old Hitchcock star said, before cracking, "It feels like you have this partner who's going to be with you and also change light bulbs. And you know, do dishes with you."

    You go, missus: Put that new hubby to good use!

    Plus, it sounds like Biel is still getting used to the idea of calling Timberlake, 31, her husband.

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    "The weirdest and kind of most wonderful thing is that word. That's my 'husband.' And every time I say it, I go really Southern with it—'That's my husband,'" she quipped, piling on a Southern accent.

    Kidding aside, the brunette beauty turned serious when mulling over how married life has—or hasn't—changed her.

    "It's weird because it's feels like almost nothing has changed," she mused. "But yet something that you really can't describe—or something that isn't really tangible—has changed."

    Here's one thing that certainly hasn't changed: the couple's die-hard devotion to the Memphis Grizzlies—they were spotted having a courtside date night in Tennessee Monday night. (As they should: Timberlake is a part owner. Game on, indeed!)

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