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    X Factor Double Elimination Shocker: One Singer's "Excited" to Do "Bitter, Er, Bigger" Things

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    X Factor Judges
    X Factor Judges Ray Mickshaw / FOX

    Talk about no love lost between teacher and student.

    The X Factor bid farewell to two more aspiring stars tonight and we will be the first ones to admit we didn't see either one coming.

    Even more surprising? The first ousted hopeful's reaction! (Or maybe not, if you were reading the signs all season...)

    Miss last night's X Factor? Here's a recap!

    "You know what," a none-too-broken-up Paige Thomas said when she was revealed as the first contestant to go home. "I'm excited because now I get to go home and really put in some work and show everyone that I got bitter"—oopsy—"bigger things to do, and better things. I'm excited for what I have in the future."

    Paige's ouster comes a night after a truly great performance, a sexy R&B version of the Rick Astley classic "Never Gonna Give You Up," but it was starting to become apparent that she and mentor Demi Lovato weren't seeing eye to eye when it came to song choice, fashion and whatever else Simon Cowell was only too happy to point out last night.

    And consider us pretty floored that Diamond White and Vino Alan (No. 3 every week until this one) were left to sing for their lives afterward.

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    But while Vino's appearance on the chopping block wasn't too shocking considering the lukewarm response he received last night, the fact that he got sent home after positively man-handling Ray LaMontaigne's "Trouble" was a true bummer.

    Even Simon Cowell had to be bleeped in his frustration before ultimately making it 3-1 in favor of sending Vino home. 

    And the 40-year-old father didn't take it as well as Paige did. "The main thing is that America didn't even hear what I had," he said, visibly disappointed. "You were right yesterday...[but I'm] real shocked at this though, thought you would give me an opportunity...Stay inspired, keep in touch, unfortunately I can't stop making music. I'm gonna keep making music."

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    Paige Thomas, Vino Alan, X Factor FOX

    Why would he stop?! Khloé Kardashian Odom's mic even went out briefly, just to make the moment that much more awkward.

    For the record, here's how the Top 6 lined up this week:

    1. Carly Rose Sonenclar
    2. Tate Stevens
    3. Emblem3
    4. Fifth Harmony
    5. CeCe Frey
    6. Diamond White

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    Shocked? Awed? Sound off in the comments!

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