Every parent struggles to choose a baby name that will be unique, distinctive, and will stand the test of time. In an age where every classroom has their share of Madisons and Jaydens, don't you want your child's name to capture the essence of their generation? Or at least their parents' most beloved pastimes slash borderline addictive habits?

Such was the case with the Jameson family, who named their precious newborn "Hashtag."

Hashtag Jameson


This inspired us to offer up some other possible names for the future pageant winners, reality stars, and disgraced Congressmen of America:

Retweet Johnson
Unsubscribe MacDonald III
Mailer Daemon Singh
Rainbow Pinwheel Palmer
404 Not Found Billingsworth
Dot Biz Randall
Clear Browser Cache "Cookie" Bronson
Restore Previous Session Nguyen
Blue Screen of Death Wilson
Increase Your Penis Size Adams, Jr.
Device Was Improperly Ejected Brown
This Program Has Performed An Illegal Operation And Will Be Shut Down Thurman (Congratulations on your new baby, Uma!)

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