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    Dark Knight Rises: 5 Reasons to See Batman's Explosive Finale Again on DVD

    Christian Bale, The Dark Knight Rises Ron Phillips/Warner Bros. Entertainment

    Still feeling batbrained about The Dark Knight Rises' mind-blowingly epic, acclaimed send-off to Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy?

    We are, too—and now's the perfect chance to soak up the film again when it's released on DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow.

    Indeed, the superhero saga is packed with key moments, big reveals and more than enough bombastic set pieces to warrant another take...if only to decipher Bane's head-scratching, ear-straining, word-muffling dialogue.

    Here are five things worth checking out for a second (or third, or fourth) looky-loo.

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    The Dark Knight Rises Ron Phillips/Warner Bros. Pictures

    1. Anne Hathaway's Luscious Locks, Pre-Les Mis Buzz Cut: Hair today, gone tomorrow! The Dark Knight Rises provided the perfect showcase not only for Hathaway's burglary skills as slinky-sneaky Catwoman, but also for her gorgeous mane. Go ahead and ogle that while it's there on screen. After wrapping up her work for the film, the star buzzed it all off for her role as Fantine in the big-screen version of Les Misérables, for which she's now generating a different kind of buzz: deafening Oscar talk.

    The Dark Knight Rises Ron Phillips/Warner Bros.

    2. Say What, Bane?!: Guess the flick's villain forgot a basic tenet from English class: e-nun-ci-ate those words! The masked super-terrorist (Tom Hardy) baffled hordes of moviegoers with dialogue that one needed a translator to decipher—or at least supersonic hearing. A second viewing should provide viewers with the solace that (1) nope, they're not slowly going deaf, and (2) Bane didn't really say, "Then I will bake you," but rather "Then I will break you." Comprende?

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    The Dark Knight Rises Ron Phillips/Warner Bros.

    3. Pssssst...Gotta Tell Ya Something About Joseph Gordon-Levitt: If you've already seen the flick, then you already know that JGL is part of a big twist that happens down the line. If you haven't, don't worry: We won't get all spoilerrific on you. Still, a second viewing of Dark Knight Rises provides ample opportunity to scour the film for clues about his intriguing character, police officer John Blake. Also, we're huge fans of Gordon-Levitt's, so any chance to see the on-the-rise thesp again is a win in our book.

    Christian Bale, The Dark Knight Rises Warner Bros.

    4. Christian Bale's Last Hurrah: Sure, there have been many actors who've donned Batman's cowl (and, in the case of George Clooney, a cod piece and Bat-nipples). But we're betting moviegoers will argue that Christian Bale's turn was the most impressive of them all: brooding, tormented and the perfect embodiment of Bruce Wayne's dual nature. Ponder that as you take in his final go-around as the Caped Crusader—indeed, he's the only Batman actor to have an Oscar under his (utility) belt.

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    The Dark Knight Rises Ron Phillips/Warner Bros.

    5. Get Your Batman Fix While Waiting for the Justice League Movie: It's a loooooong slide until 2015, when the wildly anticipated superhero team-up hits the big screen—aka DC Comics' answer to Marvel's The Avengers. Hopefully, Dark Knight Rises (not to mention next year's Superman reboot, Man of Steel) should hold you over until then. There's certainly no shortage of rumors that are already beginning to swirl: Recently, a report surfaced that Gordon-Levitt himself was being lined up to play Batman in Justice League—a development that's "all speculation," the actor's rep exclusively tells E! News.

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