Brad Pitt might be a getting a lot of pressure from his kids to marry Angelina Jolie, but it's probably safe to say he doesn't mind.

After all, the actor did tell Good Morning America on Wednesday that when it comes to being a father, "I love it. I love it," adding that "it turns everything on its head."

What's also going through Pitt's head is the fact that he'll be turning 50 (yes, 50!) next year.

"I've given a lot of thought to it," said Pitt, who turns 49 in December. "You become very aware of time and also, being a father, everything is time allocation for me now, making sure I spend my time wisely and doing the things that are important to me and spending the time I need to with my family."

Hmm, like tying the knot, perhaps?

Meanwhile, Pitt's new movie, Killing Them Softly, comes out Friday.

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