Glenn Beck might want to stick to his day job. 

The right-wing political pundit turned "artist" satirically placed a Barack Obama statue in a jar of pee on his Web show Tuesday. Oddly enough, he did so to make a point about artist Michael D'Antuono's First Amendment right to hang his painting depicting the president as Jesus Christ.

"Art is in the eye of the beholder, and this guy has a right to do this," Beck, speaking in a fake French accent, mused about the controversial art. "I think it's offensive. I don't think it's close to reality, but whatever floats your boat, Jack. I support his right to do exactly that."


To show just how much Beck supports every American's freedom of expression, he created his own potentially offensive piece of art. Using "a Mason jar with a little pee-pee in it," Beck submerged a small Obama statue in a jar of his [presumably fake] urine. "Flowbama," as Beck calls it, is for sale for the "bargain price of $25,000."

"If this sells, I'm going to do another piece of art for Michelle Obama and her little abs," Beck quipped. 

"It's all protected by this document," he said, pointing to a framed Constitution on the wall.  "Whether you're offended by this one, or by this one, sucks to be you, doesn't it? Welcome to America."

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