Thanks to TLC, we've learned how to truly re-appropriate the words Extreme (their enjoyment of their own sexuality is OUT OF CONTROL!!), Cougar (none of which were reportedly harmed in the filming of The Hobbit) and Wives (which is actually a technical error, since some must still endure the hobble of shame). We're also offered a sacred glimpse into the romantic forays of spirited women like Hattie, who refuses to let her age stop her from straddling trees.

Nope. I don't see it as sick. I see it as hope for the future. A future where all hot bicycle carriage drivers get tipped with greeting cards that have quarters taped to the inside. Plus handjobs.

Meanwhile, a lucky sound engineer got to sit in on a kissing session between Kevin, 21, and Jude, 53.

I think it's hot, especially considering Jude's extensive sexual history with microphones.

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