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Celeb of the Year -2012

How does an actor go from being simply an actor to E! Celeb of the Year? Well, you can bet your buckets of popcorn he's able to draw a crowd. Whether it's based on his acting chops or his sex appeal, that very special box office boys will leave their mark.

But when you've got 16 men who all dominate the marquee, who will come out on top? The hottest Leading Men (both career wise and in the looks department) are ready to square off NCAA-style in this bracket to find out just that.

Robert Pattinson scored the top seed in this round of the tournament, because, well, he won the whole friggin' thing last year. But now that Breaking Dawn Part 2 has put the final nail in the Edward Cullen coffin, can he still beat out the rest of Hollywood's heartthrobs?

Because the competition is intense: There's superheroes (Andrew Garfield, Robert Downey Jr., Christian Bale and Chris Hemsworth to name a few), spies (Daniel Craig) and strippers (Channing Tatum). Plus there's some vampires and a Ryan Gosling to boot.

The choice is yours. Now, vote!