Sure, Stevie Nicks has a flair for the dramatic--the flowing gowns, the candles, the unruly hair, the seemingly immortal career.

But is she a witch?

While only a good old-fashioned water-dunking could prove things for sure, officials at a Huntsville, Alabama, church think they've got Ms. Nicks pegged.

According to high-school student Emily McDowell, the powers-that-be at Huntsville's Southwood Presbyterian Church this week nixed her scheduled solo performance of the Nicks-penned hit, "Landslide," on the grounds that, well, the Hall of Fame rocker is a witch.

"The music minister said the leader of Fleetwood Mac is a witch and a Satan worshipper," McDowell told Associated Press.

While McDowell didn't mention Nicks by name, witches are by definition women. This, then, would seem to narrow the church's suspects down to two Mac members--Nicks and Christine McVie.

McVie can be ruled out on account of nobody ever really thinks about McVie, leaving Nicks--the woman who wrote "Rhiannon" (a Welsh name sometimes translated as "white witch")--as the leading broomstick candidate.

There was no word from Southwood church as to whether Nicks was supposedly a good witch, à la The Wizard of Oz's Glinda, or a bad one, à la H.R. Pufnstuf's Witchie Poo.

McDowell, for one, was confused by the debate.

"I was in shock," she told the wire service. "I pointed out the fact that I was a Christian, and I wasn't singing the song to go against God."

Her "Landslide" performance was to be part of a baccalaureate program at the church for graduating seniors.

Senior pastor Barney Heyward said the problem wasn't so much the song--an innocuous, evocative tune about growing older--but Fleetwood Mac's image.

"Anyone that's familiar with the group knows that their emphasis is primarily less than a Biblical approach to life," Heyward said, to Associated Press.

While Heyward's remark ignores how the oft-fractious Macs collectively turned the other cheek to regroup last year, the accusations bear examination.

Is Fleetwood Mac a pentagram band? Is Stevie Nicks its high priestess?

Consider: The name of Nicks' current solo tour is "Enchanted." Enchanted is a synonym for bewitched. Bewitched is a 1960s sitcom about...a witch.

Historically, women who kept pets left themselves open to witch probes. And while not often thought of as pets, penguins often grace Fleetwood Mac album covers.

The possible spell-breaker? In "Landslide," Nicks sings, "I saw my reflection in the snow-covered hills." Folklore tells us witches cannot see their own reflections.

Unfortunately, there were no clarifying remarks from Nicks on this controversy. She was said to be busy dispatching a squadron of flying monkeys to Huntsville, Alabama.

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