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    Reggie Bush Doesn't Want to See Women of Buffalo Topless—Miss Buffalo Lonna McCary Fires Back

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    Reggie Bush, Lonna McCary
    Reggie Bush, Lonna McCary Jamie Squire/Getty Images; buffalo.com

    Don't mess with New York ladies.

    Reggie Bush offended many Buffalo, N.Y., women—former Miss Buffalo, Lonna McCary included—with his comments on the Paul and Young Ron show Wednesday.

    Bush's team, the Miami Dolphins, plays the Buffalo Bills Thursday night on the Bills' home turf. The weather is expected to be warmer than usual in upstate New York, which led one radio host to wonder aloud if Buffalo fans would show up topless to the game.

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    "You don't want to see that," said one host. The other replied, "No. God, no."

    Bush, who dated Kim Kardashian on and off from 2007 to 2010, agreed. "Not Buffalo women," he said.

    McCary, a former Miss Buffalo and current Miss Thousand Islands, fired back. "I have no patience for men making belittling comments about women, especially the women of Western N.Y.," she told E! News. "I do however think that Reggie Bush was put in an awkward position and didn't use the best choice of words.  When I cheered for the Buffalo Bills in 2008, I heard some awful things about our team and my hometown. Nothing anyone says about Buffalo surprises me anymore. I do find it annoying that the topic always seems to fall back on Buffalo women."

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    "I am a hardworking girl, getting my master's degree, processing for police jobs and competing in MAO pageants for scholarships and to raise awareness for my cause," she added. "If there is some kind of negative stigma attached with Buffalo women, I hope we can put an end to it today."

    Bush, 27, made light of the backlash on Twitter. "Lol it was a joke! GET IT! No?" he tweeted. "Nobody? Ok Crickets..........."

    "I love how people try to twist up my words lol! Whatever helps you guys sleep better at night...," he added. "Now all of a sudden I'm bashing women in Buffalo? Lol! Ok if you say so..."

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    One woman tweeted Bush that "thanks to your comments, we're all going topless to the game tomorrow." The NFL star retweeted her, adding, "Mission accomplished!"

    We can't wait to see who wins the game tonight—and who shows up topless.

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