Angry Birds Star Wars

There was once a video game about some pissed off birdies and the pigs they detested.

And once the aptly named Angry Birds took off, like any other hit, there were sequels: Seasons (which, by the way, really stretched the traditional definition of "season"), the Rio edition and then one set in space. And now Star Wars, coming in the wake of news that Disney had acquired the sci-fi franchise for $4 billion.

The newest installment, released today on most smartphone platforms for 99 cents, comes packed with 80 levels of Star Wars-inspired fun on worlds such as Tatooine and the Death Star (dubbed the Pig Star, naturally). And the birds you've come to know and love have a new galactic makeover: There's lightsabers, The Force and one chunky, adorable Chewbacca bird.

As for the Empire's evil piggies?

Well, they're donning stormtrooper suits (and at least one is the über evil Darth Vader) and are called—you'll never guess!—Pigtroopers! If you nerd out over all things Star Wars, it's a necessary addition to your collection. If you couldn't care less about the Skywalkers, well, it's a way to distract yourself while your friends geek out about who will direct Star Wars 7.

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