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    Skyfall "Not the Same" as Other James Bond Films Says Daniel Craig's Director Sam Mendes

    Daniel Craig, Skyfall Francois Duhamel/Columbia

    Daniel Craig's 007 is back in Skyfall and he's better than ever.

    Well, everything about this go-around is definitely better than Quantum of Solace, at least (fun tidbit: The critically maligned sequel in the Daniel Craig trilogy wasn't mentioned once at today's press conference, despite constant talk of Casino Royale). So what's the secret to this installment's success?

    "There was an interview with [Michael G. Wilson] and he said the old adage 'If it ain't broke don't fix it' is a recipe for disaster," director Sam Mendes explained at the film's junket held at the Four Seasons at Beverly Hills. "The truth is, he's right…What you've got to do is keep changing it and not making it the same."

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    "Taking the risk on somebody like Daniel, taking the risk to take away everything to rebuild it, that's what endures," the Academy Award-winning director continued. "Because it's not the same and every Bond is different...Now, I think it's hopefully set up, we'd like to think, for another fifty years into a whole 'nother generation of people."

    But how many of the Bond films spanning those next 50 years will Craig be a part of? "I get a huge kick out of doing this and I can see doing another film," Daniel revealed when asked if he worried about his 007 era coming to an end. "I'm contracted to two, by the way, which is fairly common."

    "At least two," producer Barbara Broccoli, who guards the Bond franchise with Wilson, chimed in before Daniel continued, "I can see the next one beyond that. It's so much work involved. I'd love to do another movie is what I'm trying to say, in a roundabout way."

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    So does Skyfall hold the secret to the next two ("at least") Bond films then? "It's a happy accident if it's a set up," Daniel joked, while admitting that this third film does introduce "some new and old characters."

    "One of the things I'm most delighted by when people see it is they come out saying, 'I can't wait to see what happens next!'" Sam recalled. "And that's saying a lot for a 50-year-old franchise…Obviously, it's turned out in a way as a sort of new beginning. And that can only be a good thing. But I don't think we sat down trying to work that out."

    Barbara, who acts as guardian to the Bond franchise with half-brother Wilson, had the final word: "The next at least two that Daniel's going to do, I'm sure he'll take us to a new place."

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