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    Jennifer Lopez Hotel-Maid Incident: Star Sounds Off on Firing Claim; Source Says Staffer Entered J.Lo's Room Unannounced

    Jennifer Lopez Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

    Jennifer Lopez is nothing if not gracious.

    So it was a surprise to both fans—and her—that reports surfaced yesterday claiming that Lopez had a hotel maid in Germany fired for supposedly seeking her autograph.

    Now, the 43-year-old multihyphenate star is setting the record straight about what went down and where she stands when it comes to accommodating her fans.

    As you might have guessed, she certainly goes the distance.

    Jennifer Lopez denies having hotel maid fired over autograph request

    In a statement to E! News, Lopez's rep says: "Jennifer is having a great time on her first world tour traveling with her twins and her mom. Jennifer always goes out of her way to meet and greet fans as evidenced by her recent twitter @tweet2meet engagements backstage, as well as stopping to sign autographs and say hello to hotel staff."

    Lopez herself addressed the incident on Tuesday, tweeting incredulously, "Would never get anyone fired over an autograph. 1st I heard of this was on twitter.#hurtful."

    A source tells E! News exclusively that, contrary to reports, the hotel employee in question, Pray Dodaj, wasn't fired but was transferred to another hotel by a third-party placement company commissioned to provide the staffing service.

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    Our source also tells us that Dodaj allegedly wasn't seeking an autograph but had entered the room unannounced early in the morning.

    J.Lo's personal security, obviously concerned that a stranger had popped up unexpectedly, supposedly notified hotel security about the incident.

    "Fact is Mrs. Dodaj did not at any time have direct or personal contact with Jennifer Lopez," a rep for Breidenbacher Hof, the hotel in Düsseldorf where Lopez was staying while in town for her world tour, said in a statement to E! News.

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    "At no time, either Ms. Lopez personally, or her staff, asked for the termination of Mrs. Bete Dodaj's contract. The group was by any account pleased with the hotel and its services and was very pleasant, friendly and courteous." 

    —Reporting by Holly Passalaqua

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