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    Channing Tatum the Next Sexiest Man Alive? Here Are 5 Other Hunks That Might Be Better!

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    Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey
    Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey A-way/ Splash News

    It certainly has been a magical year for Channing Tatumand it appears he's about to cap off 2012 with a resounding thump to his chiseled chest.

    According to Gossip Cop, the star of Magic Mike, Haywire, The Vow and 21 Jump Street is going to be crowned People's Sexiest Man Alive on Nov. 14.

    And why wouldn't he be?! 2012 was a banner year for the 32-year-old actor and the magazine doesn't exactly pluck sexiness from obscurity, does it?

    Jon Hamm is a shirtless Mad Man

    But let us just play sexy-devil's advocate for a moment as we offer up these five fine alternatives:

    joe manganiello, True Blood HBO

    1. Joe Manganiello: The beefy True Blood werewolf—and, certainly not least, Big Dick Richie in Magic Mike—became a household name in 2012 and has just as many reasons to take his shirt off as Tatum does. Moreover, it only takes him about 30 minutes to grow a full beard and we'd be just as excited to see him as we would an actual fireman breaking down our door with an ax in case of emergency.

    Robert Pattinson Visual/ZUMAPRESS.com

    2. Robert Pattinson: The Twilight Saga ends this year and then...who knows? R.Pattz should be celebrated now, while he's the epitome of smoldering immortal angst. Next year he could be just another quirky Brit, but for the past four years he's been a global phenomenon. Besides, it wouldn't suck to send Rob out of 2012 on a high note, would it? 

    See Rob in leather, spikes and studs

    Jon Hamm AMC

    3. Jon Hamm: Personally, we can't believe that this hasn't happened already. Maybe the editorial powers that be don't dabble in small-screen physical perfection, but if the man who plays Don Draper and does all that funny stuff on the side isn't the sexiest man alive, then we don't know what the term means. He could probably give Manganiello a run for his money in the rapid beard growth department, too.

    Daniel Craig, Skyfall Paris Premiere Courtesy of SPE; Inc./Luc Castel-Marcadé Events

    4. Daniel Craig: Skyfall, the latest James Bond movie, has only been one of the most talked-about films of the year. And the blue-eyed Brit who has played 007 three times now only revitalized the whole franchise when he first looked disdainfully at a bartender and wondered why the hell he should care if his martini was shaken or stirred. Both Sean Connery (1989) and Pierce Brosnan (2001) have worn the crown, so it's only fitting that Craig be so honored on the 50th anniversary of the first Bond film.

    The Lone Ranger Disney Enterprises

    5. Johnny Depp: When has this ever been a bad idea?

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    These five weren't enough for you? You want more pictures of Hollywood's sexiest men? Fine...



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