Real Housewives of New Jersey, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Tommy Garcia/Bravo; Joe Pugliese/Bravo

No matter where you are todayEast Coast, West Coast, Midwest or the Southit's important that you vote. Because no matter where you are, your voice will count in electing either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. But before those votes are tallied, why not hold an old-fashioned battle of the coasts?!

Take it from those Real Housewives broads: 1) Rep your coast with pride, and 2) there's always time to fight (rip each other's hair out, claw, punch, whatever). So this round of pop-culture polling is old-school: East Coast vs. West Coast.

In terms of the entertainment industry, the big East Coast stronghold is New York while the West Coast has Los Angeles. Both big cities offer up plenty of opportunities for celebrity sightings (and if you're looking for Lindsay Lohan, you might be able to spot her on either coast at any time)!

The West has the beaches, the sunshine and, duh, Hollywood. Oh, and it set the scene for one of our favorite shows, The O.C. (not to mention reality show, Laguna Beach). The East has the subway, the skyscrapers and Broadway. And all those fabulous Gossip Girl chicks. The choice is yours.

Pop Culture Election: East Coast vs. West Coast
Who gets your vote?
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