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    Model Lauren Scruggs Shows Off Prosthetic Hand and Eye, Looks Amazing Year After Accident

    Lauren Scruggs, Instagram Instagram

    Miracle-of-modern-medicine alert!

    Lauren Scruggs, the model who lost an arm and an eye after being struck by a helicopter propeller, is going on one year since her accident—and she looks amazing.

    Lauren Scruggs, Instagram Instagram

    "Doing some filming action. Long day," she tweeted along with a smiley photo of her and pal Shannon Yoachum. Let's just say, if Scruggs hadn't become an overnight celebrity, you'd be hard-pressed to tell that only one of those pretty eyes is real.

    According to her parents, Lauren never lost her trademark "spunk"

    After the accident last Dec. 3, the 24-year-old from Plano, Texas, spent more than a month at the Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation in Dallas.

    The still-stunning blonde was later fitted with what appear to be top-notch prosthetics to replace the left hand and left eye she lost.

    "Emotionally, days are hard sometimes, just accepting the loss of my eye and hand, but it just gets better and I realize that God is in control of my life and there's a purpose in this story," she said on Today in August. "Spiritually, I've just learned to live by faith and not by sight."

    Scruggs settled with the aviation company's insurance provider for more than $1 million

    In addition to modeling, Scruggs is editor-in-chief of Lolo, a fashion and style magazine she cofounded with Yoachum.

    Still Lolo: The Inspiring True Story, her memoir about recovering from her horrific injuries, goes on sale Nov. 15.

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