Chuck Lorre

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Two and a Half Men and Big Bang Theory creator Chuck Lorre has ignited a Twitter war after declaring his opinion on ABC's The Bachelor franchise. 

Lorre called the dating show "idiotic" on one of his vanity cards after a recent Big Bang Theory episode leading Bachelor producer Elan Gale to tweet: "Someone has been freebasing crushed up copies of Dharma & Greg DVDs" following with another tweet: "Two and a Half Men. Zero salient points."

Joining in on Team Bachelor?

Host Chris Harrisonand executive producer Robert Mills

The 41-year-old host came in as backup, retweeting Gale's tweets, and Mills took to his own Twitter to point out: "Ironic that Chuck Lorre decides to bash #Bachelor and one of his stars Kaley Cuoco is a card carrying member of #Bachelornation"

Hmm, we wonder how Kaley feels about the whole beef?!

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