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Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Visit Jimmy Kimmel in Brooklyn, Cop to Being "Nerd Friends"

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Nerd alert!

Sandy didn't stop self-proclaimed "nerd friends" Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert from paying a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live in Brooklyn. On Thursday, the political satirists headed south of Manhattan to chat politics and Lord of the Rings with the relocated funnyman.

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"I wouldn't think of you guys as nerds," Kimmel said.

"Really?" asked Stewart.

"More like geeks?" Colbert offered.

"Maybe it's so I don't have to look at myself as a nerd," said Kimmel.

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Colbert told Kimmel he saw him as "more of a spaz."

Stewart explained that while his Colbert Report pal was "fluent in the Bible and Lord of the Rings," he considered himself "more of a pop-culture nerd."

Nerdiness aside, both men debated whether their shows were a source of political information for some people. "If people say that we do, that's their choice," said Colbert.

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"Yeah, we don't know," said Stewart. "Here's the thing about TV: They can see us, but we can't see them! So we don't now if it's affecting [viewers] or they're just basically using us while they have sex as background noise."

At that point Colbert, Stewart and Kimmel jokingly addressed any viewers who might be watching them while in the act.

"I remember when I used to be able to bend my leg like that," Stewart joked.

It all makes sense now: Nerdy is sexy!

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