It's never too soon for South Park

The comedic cartoon that is famous for poking fun at pop culture's hottest topics decided to skewer Lance Armstrong during tonight's episode, "A Scause for Applause." 

And they didn't give him any special treatment. 

Although the Comedy Central show didn't name its victim, it was pretty clear that their main focus was the world-famous cyclist, who has now been banned from the sport and stripped of his titles for using performance-enhancing drugs. 

How do we know?

Well, characters stood in line to get a certain yellow bracelet cut off after learning the news. Yeah, that pretty much gave it away. Eric Cartman said, "I can't believe we all got duped," Clyde Donovan yells "lying jerk" and a tearful Mr. Mackey exclaims, "I don't know what to believe in anymore."

Don't worry, Lance. South Park also poked fun at God, so you're not alone in this. 

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