Today's Live From E! was a special Halloween edition (well, for everyone except Jason Kennedy, who decided to forgo the festivities!). Ken Baker dressed up as a hockey player (as promised) and Catt Sadler came to work in her pajamas…because why not?!

So, after a quick costume critique, we jumped right into today's top stories.

It was a big day at the Britney Spears trial yesterday when Britney's ex, Adnan Ghalib, took the stand. But could the entire case end up being tossed out altogether?! We have an update from E! News correspondent Claudia Rosenbaum.

Plus, Disney dug up some spare change and purchased Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion—but not everyone is happy about the mega-merge. We read your tweets at #LivefromE and discuss why the change is so controversial.

Lastly, we had an awkward alert as Katy Perry and Russell Brand both ended up at the Lakers game last night. See why some are saying it was more than just a chance encounter. 

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