Tom Cruise

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Looks like Tom Cruise is getting ready to accept his next mission as superspy Ethan Hunt.

The star opened up to Total Film magazine about the possibility of a fifth Mission: Impossible movie, following the massive $692 million global haul of the franchise's last outing, Ghost Protocol.

"We're already working on different images, talking conceptually," the actor says, noting that he finds inspiration for various movie scenes from his travels.

"I love traveling around promoting different movies because I'm always looking at different places, and I always walk around to see the city. I look at architecture, subways...coming up with different sequences."

He also added that he's far from finished exploring Ethan Hunt's globe-trotting adventures. "I started Mission: Impossible hoping I could make many of them. It's a character that I can grow with...I'll make a bunch of those. I'll make as many as people want to see."

Based on the last film's staggering success, people definitely want to see a whole bunch more.

Here's what else went down last night:

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Chivalry Is Not Dead: Actor Gene Hackman gave a homeless man the five-finger salute to the face after he called his wife the C-word. Yikes. 

Britney Spears Trial Update: Paparazzo Adnan Ghalib, who said his "romantic relationship" with the pop star began in December 2007, took the stand yesterday. Plus, Spears' parents try to have case dismissed. 

Sandy Reactions: More celebs take Twitter by storm and try to promote donations to Red Cross. 

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