Sons of Anarchy

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Last week, we watched as Jax was attacked while on his way to the cabin for a relaxing couple of days with Tara—and the crew, as it turned out.

Meanwhile, an intoxicated Gemma, who was taking care of the kids, nearly careened into a semi-trailer, but instead found her vehicle, which carried her grandkids, crashed into a marsh land, all while she sat behind the wheel unconscious.

And that was all just in the last five minutes or so of the episode.

Gemma Pretends She Was Run Off the Road: Because people on this show never learn that lying doesn't work, Clay covers for Gemma. After she wakes at the hospital, Jax confronts her, and immediately insinuates that she was either drunk or high. But Clay, who was the first person to be in the room when Gemma woke up, covers for her. "She was run off the road," he says. "Just like you." And Gemma goes along with the ruse, never letting on that she was stoned while driving Jax and Tara's kids.

Jax Gets His Revenge: Well, Gemma and Clay's lie doesn't last long. Jax confronts Pope over the whole ordeal, thinking that the commands may have come from him, at which point Pope tells him exactly who did it, based off the prints Jax acquired for him. Jax and the Sons track down the dude and a shooting match erupts, culminating in some valuable information being released when they corner the responsible party: Frankie Diamonds was behind the whole thing. And, perhaps worse news for Jax, they didn't target his kids at all. Uh-oh, Gemma. Jax is already onto you. And the wrath of Tara will soon be upon her.

Jax Meets with Gemma: Jax returns to the hospital knowing that her story doesn't quite add up. He asks her for more details. Gemma continues to lie, the guilt noticeably building in her eyes that look to be welling up. Later on, Jax meets with Nero, who, because of the violence at his brothel, wants out of his deal with the Sons. And then Frankie tells Jax just what he doesn't want to hear: Gemma wasn't chased off the road at all. She was just high.

Frankie Diamonds Says Clay's Behind It All, And Jax Believes Him: Jax stops by the brothel, and, uh, Nero is tied up. Frankie Diamonds is in the corner and has a gun in the mouth of an expensive prostitute. He wants money, and since the truth is out about him being behind the whole shebang, why not just ask them for it in person? When asked why he was doing this, he said because Clay promised him stuff he couldn't come through on, implying that he was behind the whole thing. Fortunately for the crew, Nero has cash on hand at the brothel, enough to make the trigger-happy Frankie happy. Or as happy as he can get.

Roosevelt Makes a Deal With Jax: Roosevelt is at his wit's end after all leads in his wife's murder go dark. And, we learn, she was pregnant when she was murdered, so it's not just his wife he lost, but an unborn child. He has a deal for Jax, who he knows has been in contact with Frankie Diamonds, the man behind his wife's death: Bring Frankie to him, and Roosevelt will reveal an informant tucked sneakily into the Sons inner circle.

Jax Begs His Mother to Sleep With Clay: Jax is sure that Clay is behind all the crap going down this season, but he needs proof. And he knows Gemma is desperate to get back in his good graces. So what does he do? He tells her to get back together with Clay, get on his good side, and get the info he needs—and only then will she be forgiven. Basically, he's using his mother's romantic company as a pawn in a giant game of gangster chess. And… it's kind of exhilarating.


"Next time, a few fingerprints on a glass will suffice. "—Unser

"I'm OK, sweetheart, just go take care of business, all right?" —Gemma

"Anything you need to tell me, about Roosevelt?" —Clay to Juice

"What do you think?! I want money. "—Frankie Diamonds

"We ain't even open yet and I already got an employee with a bullet in her leg." —Nero

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