Beautiful Creatures Isn't Twilight 2.0, Hangover 3 On-Set Sightings and More Movie Spoilers

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    Beautiful Creatures, Evil Dead, The Butler
    Beautiful Creatures, Evil Dead, The Butler Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., PacificCoastNews.com

    Move over Twilight, there's a new supernatural saga in town. But is Beautiful Creatures ready to take on Edward Cullen? Plus, is Avatar hottie Zoe Saldana joining offscreen lover Bradley Cooper in the new Hangover, does Minka Kelly have the Jackie O.-factor and is Evil Dead (gasp!) even scarier than the original? Read on for all the answers.

    Academy Award-worthy full frontal? More Taken sequel to come? Get the scoop now!

    Beautiful Creatures Isn't Twilight 2.0…It's a Lot Funnier!

    Breaking Dawn Part 2 may hit theaters in two weeks, but that doesn't mean we can't look ahead to what comes next in the world of young adult-adapted flicks: Beautiful Creatures, another angsty teen fantasy that'll hit theaters Feb. 13, 2013. But star Thomas Mann says it's a completely different story.

    "I think that's inevitable. People are going to say that," Mann told us at the premiere of his movie Fun Size about whether Creatures is the next Twilight. "But I think this movie just stands on its own…I don't think it takes itself too seriously. Richard LaGravenese, the director, is really good at writing at writing in a lot of subtle comedy into the scenes."

    Mann, who plays the best friend and comic relief in the otherwise "dark movie," continued, "A lot of these movies can take themselves so seriously when it's dealing with such crazy, outlandish situations. I think that was important."

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    How Scary Is Evil Dead? Even the Movie's Stars Are Terrified!

    The Evil Dead was a 1981 cult classic horror film directed by horror maestro-turned-Spider-Man honcho Sam Raimi that centered on a handful of college students who head to a remote cabin in the woods and unleash some truly gruesome demons. As if we have to tell you, gore ensued.

    The remake drops the "The" from the title but, according to star Jane Levy, fills that void with even more terror. When we asked her at the Fun Size premiere whether her film with out-do the original she told us, "I think in scares, yeah, definitely. Hell yeah!"

    Enough so that Jane is scared herself!: "I just saw the trailer…and it scared me! So that's a good sign. But I'm also really sensitive and I'm a scaredy cat," she confessed before telling us she even worries about her onscreen self, "Sometimes I say, 'I feel bad for her!'"

    Ghouls, ghosts and...candy corn! Just some of our favorite Halloween-y things!

    Minka Kelly Is Picture Perfect as Jackie O., Her JFK Says!

    John F. Kennedy and Jackie O. were two of the most beautiful White House inhabitants ever. So it only makes sense that when the couple becomes immortalized on film in Lee Daniels' The Butler, they will be played by some of Hollywood's best looking thespians: Minka Kelly and James Marsden.

    "She looked great! She looked more like Jackie than I looked like Kennedy, for sure," Marsden told us of his costar when we caught up with him at PlayStation and EBMRF's Epic Halloween Bash. "She had that nice, soft whispered voice and she was wonderful."

    So what kind of pressure does Marsden feel portraying one of our most beloved presidents? "It has to be handled with dignity and integrity and I made sure that was at the forefront of my endeavors in taking on this role," he assured us. But continued, "The presidents in the movie—there are seven or eight of them—are pivotal and important but peripheral to Forest [Whitaker]'s character…So that took some of the pressure off."

    Oprah like you've never seen her before in The Butlercheck out the pic!

     Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis Splash News

    The Wolfpack is Back! And Is Zoe Saldana Along for the Ride?

    Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana are back on. But are they taking that romance to The Hangover 3? Zoe, who's been filming the Nina Simone biopic in Los Angeles, was spotted over the weekend in Las Vegas, E! News confirms, with Bradley and his costars at a nightclub.

    Sources also say they spotted the couple on set at Caesar's Palace where it appeared that the duo were reading lines for an upcoming scene to be shot in the casino. Zoe, who was wearing a long summer dress while Bradley sported a nice collar shirt and khaki shorts, were laughing and joking behind-the-scenes.

    So is Zoe the newest gal to take on the wolfpack? Nope, the studio confirms that she is not in the movie. Must have just been a supportive girlfriend helping her man practice lines!

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