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The super slick and calculated nature of most modern-day horror flicks can be enough to dilute the frightful fun of watching them.

Indulging a sudden retro jones, we found ourselves looking back at some of the creepiest horror movies of the 1970s — some renowned classics, others more obscure.

In doing so, we became slightly obsessed with the trailers from that era. Overwrought narration, eerie synth blasts and choppy production values may have been par for the course, but these clips still make for delicious bite-sized chunks of terror and paranoia.

Behold these 13:

1. God Told Me To

We're not taking any theological sides here, we're just sayin': Judging by this nerve-rattling clip, God is in a very, very bad mood.

2. The Omen

Lee Remick was a stone fox in this devilish horror classic. Too bad she spends most of the trailer—and the film—losing her marbles.

3. The Amityville Horror

It starts like a realtor's promo video. By the end, you'll be content to rent for life. Bonus: Margot Kidder's massive pigtails.

4. Halloween

Even just two-and-a-half minutes' worth of John Carpenter's classic screamer is enough to have you checking all the deadbolts.

5. Prom Night

OK, technically it's from 1980, but dig the disco vibes and delicious '70s trailer tropes—right down to Halloween survivor Jamie Lee Curtis.

6. Straw Dogs

The trailer for Sam Peckinpah's psychological creepshow has zero supernatural trimmings, just a whole lot of violence and foreboding.

7. The Exorcist

Even with just the faintest glimpse of Linda Blair as a demonically possessed tween, you get a very clear picture of just how TOTALLY MESSED UP this stuff is.

8. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The too-slick 2003 remake feels like an episode of Law & Order compared to the raw, mesmerizing nature of Tobe Hooper's original schlockfest.

9. Let's Scare Jessica to Death

Nearly three minutes long, this trailer gives you a solid head start on the freaky-ass nightmares you're all but guaranteed to have after watching this 1971 psychological chiller.

10. Asylum

So apparently we're invited to the asylum. To get killed. Good luck washing that maniacal laughter out of your short-term memory.

11. It's Alive

It's not Kevin we need to talk about here. It's whatever type of deadly freak of nature John Ryan seems to have sired.

12. Magic

As if ventriloquist dummies weren't creepy enough already. Sir Anthony Hopkins doesn't talk much about this one anymore.

 13. When a Stranger Calls

Even with a built-in spoiler, this trailer is pretty much the bane of any babysitter's existence. Pro tip: Just let it go to voicemail.

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