Arrested Development


The Internet has graced us with a photo that doesn't involve a hurricane attacking the East Coast, and instead involves a certain cult favorite colliding with a certain tall and hilarious redhead.

Conan O'Brien tweeted what he calls the first official photo from Arrested Development, which is set to premiere on Netflix in early 2013. He also dropped some scoop on us, saying "Spoiler alert: I'm an amazing actor." Does that mean he's not playing himself? Or is he just really good at playing Conan O'Brien? Regardless, Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman) is there to sport his usual "frustrated with life" face.

This photo being dubbed "official" means we are all the more closer to the Bluth clan being back in our TV lives in a very real way. It makes us want the run around the office doing a very bad chicken impression.

Castmember Will Arnett revealed on Conan last week that O'Brien and cohost Andy Richter would be "involved" with AD's reincarnation.

Any ideas what could be happening in this photo? Let's speculate!

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