Jenni 'JWoWW' Farley, Roger Matthews

David Becker/WireImage

This is a new look for the pro fist-pumper.

You might have expected Jersey Shore's Jenni "JWoww" Farley to wear a barely-there Halloween costume, but instead, JWoww covered up the girls and joined her fiancé Roger Matthews in getting nerdy for their party at Chateau Nightclub last night in Las Vegas.

"Nerd status at last night! So much fun with @ and my crew," Farley tweeted.

JWoww worked a pair of plaid pants with suspenders, a button-down shirt, thick-framed glasses and a pair of high-top Coach sneakers, while her beau Matthews rocked a similar look with the addition of a bow tie (nice touch). And yes, both had pocket protectors—duh.

So will a nerdy baby be coming into the mix soon? "I'm not thinking about kids until I'm like 30. I'm not ready, I'm still being selfish," she said. "Nicole makes it look so easy. She's a totally different person now and a perfect mother."

The newly engaged couple were also joined by The Pauly D Project stars, fellow nerd Ryan Labbe and Top Gun's Maverick, Jason "J Roc" Craig.

They all looked like a promising study group.

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