Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel

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Why aren't any guests of the Justin Timberlake-Jessica Biel wedding saying anything about it? Are they under a gag order?
—Y.V.K., via Facebook

Looks like it, yeah, though the term that lawyers prefer in cases like this is confidentiality agreement. As for what exactly they say, and how common they are, I found out.

First of all, know this: Stars, apparently, do not trust their friends. Even the kinds of close friends and family they would invite to share the most intimate day of their lives. In fact, I am told, it's pretty common for guests to be asked to sign confidentiality agreements at the same time that they respond to the wedding invitations.

"The agreements are usually signed prior to disclosing the date and location of the event, so as to prevent any leaks of when and where," says family law attorney Lubov Stark. "But this all depends on the couple. For those who are über-high-profile, it is not unheard of requesting a signed agreement before the invitation is mailed out."

As for what the gag orders actually impose on these people who are supposed to be honored guests, Stark says this:

"Some couples simply request that all cell phones and cameras be banned. Some require a signed contract which states that all information with respect to the wedding, regardless of whether it is written, oral, etc., is off limits, while others go so far as forbidding guests from leaving the grounds of an event if the wedding festivities span for several days.

"Oftentimes, agreements state that whatever becomes public knowledge after the wedding is no longer confidential."

Classy, eh?

Well, at least the Timberbiel guests were able to walk away with some pretty sweet gift bags.

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