It's the smackdown Real Housewives of Miami fans have been waiting for!

We have your exclusive first look at the slap heard around Miami as Adriana DeMoura takes a shot at model Joanna Krupa.

Let's set the stage for our exclusive clip above, shall we?

In typical Housewives fashion, Lisa throws a party and proceeds to announce that if anyone fights they will be kicked out. It takes five seconds (no, seriously count it!) until Adriana pulls Karent Sierra aside about some negative things she supposedly said in the press. 

Lucky for us (and Karent), these feisty ladies haven't learned the cardinal Housewives rule: alcohol + confrontation = hair pulling or table flipping.

Joana decides to interject herself in their discussion despite Adriana saying "butt off!" and chaos ensues. We even get a Joe Francis dig thrown in there so you know it must be good.

Watch the clip above to see the girl on girl brawl, and be sure to tune in on Sunday night at 10pm to The Real Housewives of Miami on Bravo.

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