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    Robin Roberts Calls Oprah Winfrey on Good Morning America With Recovery Update

    Oprah Winfrey, Robin Roberts Chirs Pizello/AP Photo; ABC/Ida Mae Astute

    It was a good morning, indeed!

    Not only was Oprah Winfrey a special guest on Good Morning America on Thursday, but we also got to hear her chat with show anchor Robin Roberts, who called into the program for the first time since her bone marrow transplant last month to give a live update on her recovery.

    "It's day 35. Thirty-five days ago I had my bone marrow transplant, and it is a journey, my friend, as you have taught me," said an upbeat-sounding Roberts to Winfrey. "I am so incredibly blessed to be doing as well as I am. Some days I do feel like I am 35 days old and can't get my head off the pillow. But those days are becoming fewer and fewer."

    Robin Roberts home from the hospital after bone marrow transplant

    Roberts went on to enthusiastically tell her fellow GMA team and Winfrey that she's looking forward to resuming her cohosting duties.

    "I can't wait to come back!" she said. "It's just about understanding the moment. Why I am here now."

    Roberts noted that she has been keeping herself busy by writing in her journal as well as continuing to be thankful for all the support she has received.

    "I am so appreciative of the outpouring," she said. "Not just for me, but for everyone that is facing a challenge."

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