Friends, The Last One


Twins! The chick and the duck are safe! She got off the plane!

We remember screaming all those things when we watched the Friends series finale back in 2004, and if you haven't watched the episode yet, um…spoiler alert?

To celebrate the release of Friends: The Complete Series on Blu-ray (out Nov. 13), we have an exclusive never-before-seen look at the very last episode of Friends, which was watched by more than 52 million people. Let us repeat that: More than 52 million viewers tuned in to watch the end of Friends, making it the fourth most-watched television series finale in U.S. history. 

Take a look back as the minds behind one of TV's most beloved sitcoms talk about "The Last One," and we'll meet you down in the comments for a "we miss Friends" pity party.

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