Jon Gosselin

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Just saw the news about Kate Gosselin getting fired from her coupon job. Which reminds me, where did her ex Jon Gosselin disappear to?
—Figgs, Ohio, via Twitter

If by "disappeared" you mean "stopped doing public appearances and settled down into a relatively anonymous life in Pennsylvania," then, yes. The former Mr. Kate is back to working in the tech field and, I hear, has plans to start a business or two in that arena in coming months.

Got more questions for E! Online? Of course you do. Here we go...

I'm a big Crossfitter, and see that it's basically taken over Los Angeles. (Love it, lost 55 lbs!) What celebs do you know Crossfit?
—Justin S., via Twitter

Yep. Reportedly, Kelly Clarkson, Cameron Diaz and the newly married Jessica Biel are all fans.

Honey Boo Boo: Please tell me that she and her family have jumped the shark. They have, right?

—Petri, via Twitter

Oh, child, no.

If you use Jersey Shore as an example—and you should—then Alana Thompson and her family are due for at least one more season (and, no kidding, three holiday specials) worth of nationwide fascination before they can expect to shoot themselves in the forklift foot.

After all, consider: The first season of Jersey Shore saw a jump in viewership from 1.38 million viewers (the premiere) to 4.83 million for that season's finale. And it didn't reach its peak, viewerwise, until its third season.

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