Anna Kendrick

Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Jockey

Experimenting with the hottest beauty trends is always fun, but sometimes paring down to the basics is a welcome change.

We recently caught up with fresh-faced cutie Anna Kendrick at the launch party for Rachel Zoe's "Major Must-Haves" for Jockey and had to ask her how she consistently nails the natural look.

Here's what she told us: 

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1. Wash your makeup off before you go to bed. "I should really follow my own advice with this one, because God knows I don't do that all of the time, but it's so important!" she says. 
2. Pick a good moisturizer and keep it up. Hydrated skin makes all the difference and can prevent signs of aging. "I use Dermalogica Active Moist every day." 
3. Less is more. "For makeup, I apply the Bobbi Brown foundation stick just where I need it, so I'm not covering my whole face in product. It's an easy step and I always feel more like myself when I'm not all covered up." 
Sounds like this smart starlet certainly knows how to let her natural beauty shine through. Tell us what you think! Do you have any beauty secrets of your own?
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