Tyler Perry, Felix Baumgartner, Taylor Swift

AP; Summit; Rex USA

When we weren't busy filling our virtual binders with post-debate Internet memes, this week had us preoccupied with the usual vices: sex, schlubs and Taylor Swift.

By sex, we mean sexy … as in amazing images of Kim Kardashian and Scarlett Johansson, arriving just in time to make your planned Halloween costume seem very unflattering. Ben Affleck and Tyler Perry are looking pretty good in their respective new flicks, too—albeit without the cleavage.

As for schlubs, we're talking about SNL newbie Tim Robinson, who's on track to becoming the shows most valuable bit player, and Glenn Beck, whose new clothing line offers a long-awaited heartland counterpoint to Nelly's über-urban Apple Bottoms. 

Throw in a supersonic skydiver and a totally irresistible video game and you've got a glorious spectrum of pop culture goodness. Take a look at the complete gallery and share your thoughts.

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