Taylor Lautner, Joe Manganiello

Kimberly French/Summit Entertainment, John P. Johnson/HBO

If you tend to think of yourself as a one-man wolf pack, don't fret—you don't need a Hangover-style weekend to find friends. Because we've compiled a list of the best werewolves pop culture has to offer you.

We already shined the spotlight on our favorite vampires (that aren't Edward Cullen), so it's only fair that today is all about bloodsuckers' hairy counterparts: From Twilight's Taylor Lautner to True Blood's Joe Manganiello (of course) and all the sexy and sometimes scary werewolves that fall in between.

So leave your razor at home, get ready to shoot some hoops (if that's your thing) and prep for plenty of howling at the moon in our gallery of the 15 Best Werewolves Ever.

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