Nadya Suleman Octomom

Ken Katz/

Apparently, not everyone is thrilled that the child neglect charges have been dropped against Nadya Suleman aka Octomom.

The mother of 14 was in New York City Friday night celebrating her innocence at XL Nightclub, and E! News confirms that while the 37-year-old exotic dancer was out of town, the Palmdale, Calif., home she just recently leased was egged.  

The nanny and all 14 children were present when the act of vandalism went down, but no one saw the egging take place.

Nadya has moved her brood to Palmdale, Calif.

Meanwhile, Octomom was busy flashing her breasts, feeding a doll from a bottle of vodka and being roasted by the drag queens of the Hot Mess Drag Review at the NYC nightclub after the Orange County District Attorney's Office dropped the child neglect charges against the porn-star parent due to "insufficient evidence."

No word yet on the identity of the pranksters, but we're guessing this sort of housewarming gift isn't what Nadya had in mind.

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