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    Hitchcock Trailer: See Scarlett Johansson's Shower Scene and More Suspenseful Moments

    You'll be spellbound indeed when you see Hitchcock.

    The first trailer for the forthcoming biopic of the late great Alfred Hitchcock, starring Anthony Hopkins as the titular director, is in the wild. And by the looks of things, the filmmakers scare up plenty of great moments chronicling the relationship between Hitchchock and his wife, Alma Reville, and their efforts at getting Psycho made.

    E! News digs up five of the most suspenseful tidbits for your viewing pleasure. Take a look.

    Scarlett Johansson wigs out in new Hitchcock still

    Hitchcock, Movie Stills Fox Searchlight Pictures

    1. Revisiting a Classic: The teaser kicks off with a montage of gripping moments, but the one that caught our eye was Scarlett Johansson playing Janet Leigh in the role of Marion Crane in the master's most shocking film of all, Psycho. Here, Hitchcock helmer Sacha Gervasi replicates the moment Crane flees in her car after stealing $40,000 from one of her employers' clients. Little does she realize what awaits when she stops at the Bates Motel during a rainstorm.

    Hitchcock, Movie Stills Fox Searchlight Pictures

    2. The Master of Suspense: A profile shot of Hopkins in full makeup as Hitch as he stands outside a Hollywood soundstage. Hitchcock later used the same pot belly pose only in silhouette for the iconic visual advertising his TV series, Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

    Hitchcock, Movie Stills Fox Searchlight Pictures

    3. Ready for His Close-Up: Hopkins looks picture-perfect as Hitchcock in this period drama which tells the origin story of Psycho, how the auteur drew inspiration from real-life Wisconsin murderer Ed Gein, and the challenges he had getting the studios to come on board this low-budget slasher. Ultimately, Hitch financed the project himself.

    Hitchcock, Movie Stills Fox Searchlight Pictures

    4. Behind Every Great Director…: Hitchcock also focuses on the filmmaker's marriage to Alma Reville, his assistant director and his closest collaborator played by fellow Oscar winner Helen Mirren. Alma's contributions to Hitchcock's career—at what was then a low point—were incalculable.

    Hitchcock, Movie Stills Fox Searchlight Pictures

    5. Cover Your Eyes! Upon its release in 1960, Psycho went on to become the highest-grossing film Hitchcock and it broke box office records around the world. The movie was also one of the most controversial ever released, largely thanks to its intense subject matter and the infamous shower scene in which (spoiler alert!) Norman Bates murders Marion Crane one bloody knife stroke at a time.

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