Taylor Kinney, Chicago Fire

Matt Dinerstein/NBC

Chicago Fire premieres tonight on NBC, and in case watching ridiculously good-looking people on TV for an hour isn't reason enough to tune in, Team WWK is here to assure you there is some substance to accompany the man candy.

Here are five reasons you should watch the season premiere tonight:

Shirtless Hunks: Be prepared to wipe the drool off your face when you see Jesse Spencer and Taylor Kinney in and out of uniform. Seriously, both are shirtless more than a few times in the premiere. "Women are going to love it," Jesse Spencer assured us. "Not only is it quite physical, but we're saving lives and in dangerous situations. Also, the personal relationships of the fireman play out."

It's Well Researched: Creators Michael Brandt and Derek Haas didn't just make up a show about firefighters. "A year ago when the show first came to life, Derek and I actually went to Chicago," Michael told us. "We spent a couple of weeks there, doing ride-alongs with the guys. They're not touchy-feely guys until you get to know them. We definitely spent eight to 10 weeks there." Added Jesse: "They are very open, wonderful guys. They're catering to us actors very nicely, and showing us their world and their lives."

Love Triangles: The formula is simple. If you want to have a hit TV show, you need a love triangle, square or pentagon thrown in there. In the premiere, we see some unrequited love issues start to build. "We set up Monica Raymund's character Dawson—she certainly has affection for Casey [Jesse Spencer], who is engaged and repairing things with his fiancé on the show," Derek dished. "We're going to throw another peg into that triangle pretty soon."

David Eigenberg Is Back on TV! You probably know him as Steve from Sex and the City. "In 10 seconds he had the role," Michael said. "He didn't have a chance to spread his wings on Sex and the City, and he's amazing. You will really see him in a different light."

It's Law & Order-esque: Sure, both shows have executive producer Dick Wolf in common, but they also have a similar formula, which has certainly worked well for Law & Order (just look at the spin-offs): create a central group of characters you care about, worry less about A-list guest stars. "This will mostly be about the characters in the firehouse," Michael said when we asked if storylines from the people rescued would be woven in. "Then again, we basically have no rules. Law & Order has specific rules."

"There are so many shows about detectives, policemen—this was something that hadn't been done before, but also would fit really nicely on a network," agreed Derek.

We see Los Angeles Fire, NYFD and Miami Fire coming soon.

(E! and NBC are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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