Johnny Depp

Amanda Schwab/

Suffice it to say, the rumors of Johnny Depp's death have been greatly exaggerated. Try to contain your surprise.

The unquenchable bloodlust of social media has sadly struck again, and rumors ran rampant this week that the 49-year-old Lone Ranger star had died in a freak drowning accident on set.

Unfortunately, unlike the usual cliff-falling, freak-accidental celeb death hoaxes, this rumor wasn't exactly pulled from thin air.

Last month, a crewmember working on the Disney film died of an apparent heart attack while working inside a large water tank on the movie's Los Angeles set. His death was initially reported as a drowning.

While Depp was in New York at the time, clearly some part of the tragic news got miscommunicated, resulting in this week's surge of reports of Johnny's rumored untimely demise (complete with Facebook memoriams and everything).

Though Depp is fine and well, it's not the first time he's been killed off by the Internet, as back in 2010 he was the (fake) victim of a fatal car crash.

Fortunately (or not), the only thing Depp has actually fallen prey to is made-up Twitter trends.

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