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    Is Jennifer Aniston's Ring Too Big? No, but It's Far From Perfect

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    Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston
    Justin Theroux, Jennifer Aniston Jason Thomas/FilmMagic

    About Jennifer Aniston's gaudy new engagement ring: It's just too big, right?
    —Allison J., via Twitter

    You speak of a stone so large that it has its own gravity well. How Justin Theroux managed to bring it crashing down from space and through Earth's cruel atmosphere is a mystery at this hour, but I can tell you what experts are saying about the bauble.

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    Yes, the ring looks a little...weird, even on Aniston's ever-sexy hand.

    But it may not be a function of the ring's size, with a center stone estimated at about 8 carats.

    Instead, says designer David Nygaard of David Nygaard Fine Jewelers, the problem, if you see one, is likely with the setting.

    "The challenge with a large diamond, or any gem, is the design," he says. "Yes, sure, some stones are pendant stones, but I've never found that a stone on its own can be too big for a hand."

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    In fact, Nygaard says, he's worked with center stones "upwards of 15 carats."

    So why might this ring and setting, said to have a total of 12 to 18 carats, look odd to so many? Nygaard has some theories.

    "As it is, it may just be unbalanced, a little bulky looking, not pleasing aesthetically," he says. "I would have made the band, or the shank, of the ring a little larger, or maybe a split shank.

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    "After all, today, with so many custom design options available and computer-assisted design, you can have your ring exactly as you want it."

    If Aniston herself has a problem with that ring, she sure doesn't seem to be showing it.

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